Amsterdam Dreamtown

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Cake and pastry stall
No fixed location
Picture taken in front of Concertgebouw

This type of stall is present all over the country. Most of them are richly decorated with tableaus similar to those on classic fair attractions. In the interior are paintings and mirrors. Doughnut balls with or without currants, Berliner balls and wafers are baked on the spot and they can be seen behind glass plates. The stalls are usually located in places where crowds of people come together and make fun. Without people around, they look like clowns without public.

Night road and moonlight
Location unknown
Krivosheev Vitaly/ Shutterstock

Formats and prices

Large: about 180x155cm
Edition: 3
Price (framed): Eur 1750,00

Small: about 100x86cm
Edition: 5
Price (framed): Eur 1250,00

Piëzo inkject print on 300grs paper: about 50x42cm (Eur 375,00)