The photo’s are available as special formats (limited, signed edition) and as prints only (one size, unsigned).

Formats in limited signed edition
One or two special formats are available of each photo.
Depending on the size of the stock photo, the larger format is appr 180x140 cm and the smaller format is appr 100x70 cm.
For more specific information see the photo in question.

Printing quality

The photo’s will be printed on 3mm Dibond. (The prints only will be printed on photo paper). Technique: UV printing for high colour quality and optimal contrast. Thanks to the UV technique the photo’s will be less sensitive to fading by daylight.


The larger formats will be produced including a black wooden frame.
The smaller formats may be produced including a black wooden frame or as a print on Dibond only.
Production with plexiglass framing on request.


Limited editions for each photo and format.
For the exact number of prints see the photo in question.
Pijffers and Brizzi will keep the right to produce one extra print for exposition purposes. This extra print will not be for sale and will not disturbe the limitation of the edition.


The Dibond photo prints will have a certificate at the back side with information of the building and the stock photo. The limited number of prints, the number of the print in question and the signs of Pijffers and Brizzi will be on it.

Example formats (artist impression)

Prints only

The photo’s are available as well as unsigned piëzo inkject prints on 300grs paper. Depending on the size of the stoch photo, the size will be appr 60 x 40 cm.
Price Eur 375,00 including sending by post.


For acquisition of Dreamtown photo’s contact Willem Pijffers
Mobiel +31 653 201 461


Production of the prints will be started after the payment has been received.


Production time is appr 3 weeks. Delivery in The Netherlands is free. Delivery outside The Netherlands on request. Prints only will be send by post.


Each Dreamtown photo is a montage of two original photo’s: one stock photo and one photo made by Emilio Brizzi. Most of the time these two photo’s have different resolutions. This may be visible on the print: difference in sharpness and/ or contrast. This is an inherent consequence of the concept. In spite of a very careful montage technique, the change between the two photo’s may be visible. In almost each photo there will be small incongruities, such as: difference in intensity of shadows, inpossible reflections in windows, divergence of perspectives, etc.
By aquiring a print these deviations will be accepted. Complaints or claims will not be accepted.